Inclusion Day guide and Toolkit

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This site was created for the Inclusion Day program at the Partnership for People with Disabilities. When given this assignment, the group was working on updating their paper guide and wanted to have a digital version available as well. I was given two versions of the paper guide to use as reference as I worked through the best way to display the information while not making the site too content heavy and still keeping it user friendly.

The project was difficult for me to being since I was given the freedom to design the site however I wanted as long as it was user friendly and responsive. The first version I created was heavy on design; using CSS to create a sketchy look to some of the fonts, color-coordinating each of the pages so they have their own unique look, and stylizing headings and sections for the content flowed well throughout the site.

Unfortunately, even though the site was user friendly and responsive, the designs were hard to read for those with vision impairment.

Creating an Inclusive Version

So I was given the task of redesigning the site down to a simple four-color pallette of black, white, gold, and grey for content with the default blue for links, and adding in some other pages for submitting a new activity and presenting some extra resources for teacher and student use.

It broke my heart to have to break down my original design from the first version I had created, but I also understood the need to have the site be accessible to everyone, which is what the second version definitely achieves.